Festive Halloween Fun!

Halloween is such a FUN time of the year.  We love it, and are having a hard time not overloading this blog with Halloween themed posts (It’s an exercise in constraint for sure!)  And lucky for us, we have some awesome affiliate bloggers who share this love and have some great Halloween activities, ideas, and projects that we want to share with you!

Check out these great ideas from Amy at one artsy mama!

  • For you Party Planners who want to wow your guests and add some quick spooky touches, take a look at this Spider Web Serving Tray-


  • For the Moms- Get your craft on with these 20 projects to make with a cute little helper!  Or grab these great DIY costume ideas.




And stop by to see Melanie from Growing to Four!

  • Are you the house that loves to have an awesome door wreath for every season?  Check out this Spooky Eyeball Tutorial-



What fun activities do you all have planned for Halloween?  We are always looking for more cool things to add to our personal Pinterest boards and reasons to decorate the office with annoying holiday decorations!  Let us know which are your favorites.


Festival Style: Austin City Limits

It is that time again!  ACL is back and better than ever before.  The lineup this year…. it is pretty impressive!!   Many known and lots that you will definitely want to hear.  In order to have the best music-filled, food-festive, and energetic weekend, I will start you off with a few style tips!

1.  Austinite’s know that the weather can be unpredictable!  Layer your outfit, perhaps a cardi or button up that can easily be taken off and worn around your waist. #90strends


2.  Fanny pack or cross-body bag??  This festival will be packed!! Select from your style the perf bag to carry all your essentials.  Better to leave the big purses at home this time ladies.


3.  Simple make-up!  Consider a pop of color on the lip, mascara, and liner.  Simple, chic, and comfy.


4.  Personally, I have A LOT of shades.  I enjoy different styles, shapes, color, and frame.  You will need these when the sun suddenly seeks you out in the crowd and wants to put the spotlight all on you 😉




5.  Remember those wristbands you’ll be totting around all day?!  Find the best arm candy that fits your style: bohemian, sophisticated, sassy!!


These are some essentials to consider during ACL!! The most important tip is to have fun and make memories.  Live, Love, and Listen to Great Music :))



Au Revoir, Summer Interns :(

September marks the beginning of the school year at colleges across the country. It also marks the end of the official Nadine West summer internship.


This summer we had a really amazing group of interns hand-picked out of a large pool of applicants.  Only the best of the best!  Our summer interns helped out with a variety of tasks, such as outfit styling, social media marketing, modeling, and photography.

We wish you guys all the best for this coming school year! If you need a letter of recommendation or a letter of reference, you know how to reach us.

Shout out to our awesome 2014 Summer Interns!

Angelique Evans
Austin Sarles
Colby Anderson
Danielle Donhauser
Elizabeth Seeds
Ijeoma Iheme
Jonathan Ochart
Keeli Christensen
Kelly Rector
Priynka Maheshwari
Taylor Dawson

Nadine West

Five Links We Love- Color

Alright, we give.  Pumpkin Spice everything is officially available and has been for weeks!  And this means it’s Fall.  Regardless of what the calendar says or that it still is 100 degrees where I live.  Pumpkin Spice starts off the season of being thankful, bundling up in cozy sweaters, and of watching (or waiting to watch) Mother Nature put on her marvelous show as the trees change color.

Fall Faves

In celebration of this beauty, we are bringing you Five Links We Love all about color!

  1. Pantone of LONG ago!  Talk about setting the trends and picking out colors, check out this book from A Boogert almost 300 years ago!  Wow!
  2. Beautiful Butterflies– In honor of back to school, how about a fun science experiment with color.  Create some fluttering fliers with your kiddos.
  3. I Love Color Series– Completely Unscientific Personality through Pinterest Popularity.  Wow that was a mouthful.  This is just fun and silly.  And we love both fun and silly!  The website is pretty awesome so spend some time exploring it.
  4. Mood Ring– That’s right, an online mood ring.  It’s completely reliable and real. Just like the old school rings I had when I was a kid.  Totally accurate.  😉
  5. Fall 2014 Color Palette– While Pantone’s Fall list has been out for months, we think that it is worth taking another looksy in prep for the season actually being upon us!


The Perfection of Peplum

The peplum is one of the most slimming, flattering, on-trend items you can have in your closet this season. It is an expert at hugging your body, defining your waist and giving you a beautiful, hourglass figure.

How adorable is our Intern Liz in this bright coral peplum tank?  We love her!

How adorable is our Intern Liz in this bright coral peplum tank? We love her!

For a fun night out, choose a bold color, a fun pattern, or an animal print. You will surely turn heads as you look adorably chic. It is also a great piece to wear to the office, as it comes in many conservative styles and colors.

Need an outfit for the holidays? Just take a look at our lovely IG friend, and awesome blogger Iris, who shares our love for peplums!  Check out her blog Love, Iris for inspiration!  My favorite combo was paired with a gorgeous tulle skirt to seriously up the feminine factor.  Isn’t this the best outfit to wear to a party?  With the holidays rapidly approaching, this would be great for a cocktail party with friends and family.

Pretty Peplum and Tulle Skirt.  So Chic!

Pretty Peplum and Tulle Skirt. So Chic!


As a new mommy, I love wearing this style. Not only does it define my waist, but it hides my tummy as well. I feel confident and happy in my peplum and those feelings are what beauty is made of.

What peplum style will you add to your closet this season?


“Like a Girl” is really ok!

Always brand has recently put out a great video depicting the reactions, opinions, and understanding of the term “like a girl.”  And I for one LOVE the video.  And it got me thinking.  Which I believe is the best response to it.

So is “Like a girl” an insult?  Is it a put down and something to try NOT to be?  It’s a complex question!  I am proud to be a girl.  A girly girl at that.  I love all of the stereotypical things that this saying refers to- fashion, makeup, sparkles, pink, baking, high heels, twirling, and sparkles.  Wait, did I say sparkles already?

I do however, disagree that these are the important or default characteristics that are associated with being a girl.  It is disheartening that society has tied being “like a girl” to traits that are less appealing, less important, less…anything.  How devastating that it is used as a way to make someone; girls, boys, men, women, or anyone, feel like they aren’t good enough.  Being “less” is attributed to being a female when this is used.

There are so many positive things about being a girl. We are strong, powerful, influential, successful, and confident. And we do this all while being who we are.  Girls.  So yes, being “Like a Girl” is absolutely ok!

Our society has many examples of women who make a difference.  And I’m proud of them.  I love to see people being successful, creating innovative products, solving problems, providing expertise and knowledge, making others happy, and generally benefiting society.  And I don’t care if that is a man or a woman as long as it’s done.

At the end of the day, I hope we take a cue form the youngest participants in this video.  I hope that it is evidence of what we are actually teaching our children.  I hope that it is a sign that they don’t yet know why “like a girl” implies something less, and that as they grow they continue to see it as equal.


September is Nerd Month!

At least according to TBS!  With the start of a new school year we think it’s an appropriate time to celebrate all things nerdy.  Including nerd STYLE!  And who better to set the standard than the three lovely ladies from Big Bang Theory?

The Workplace Proximity

Whose sense of style do you love?

  • Penny- The girl next door.  She has the casual look down pat with tanks, bright florals, cut off shorts and an easy style.  But when she gets dressed up, she is a knock out and all tom-boy aspects disappear!


  • Bernadette- Modern Vintage.  Berny has a sweet, romantic, and slightly 50’s vibe.  She loves her floral dresses and tight little cardigan sweaters.  Hidden under all of that sweet is a fire cracker who can turn heads wherever she goes.


  • Amy- Form and Function.  We typically find her conservative and covered but dying to try out the red nail polish and sexy high heels.  Loves dressing up in fancy gowns and is 100% confident in her sense of style.  And don’t forget the Tiara!


Still not sure which Big Bang lady you are?  Take this fun quiz to find out!


Role Models, Not Runway Models

Fashion Designer Carrie Hammer is making a statement in the fashion world by embracing real women.  She designs clothes to fit actual customers, not finds customers to fit her clothes.  Celebrating women of all shapes and sizes, she went a step further to celebrate women as Role Models.

In February at her New York Fashion show, Carrie sent her Role Models down the runway.  These women included lawyers, doctors, and other young professions, as well as the first model in a wheel chair, Dr. Danielle Sheypuk.

Karen Crespo, a survivor of bacterial meningitis and quadruple amputee, was inspired by seeing all of this happen.  After sending an email of gratitude to Carrie, she ended up invited to participate in New York Fashion Week on September 5th!

Carrie Hammer and Karen Crespo at New York Fashion Week.

Carrie Hammer and Karen Crespo at New York Fashion Week. Photo Credit- Hiokit Lao

To Carrie, Karen, and Danielle- you are all absolutely beautiful women.  Thank you for expanding our perception of beauty and celebrating it.


Customer Love- Nina

We LOVE our customers.  This picture was sent in from Nina, and it instantly brought a smile to our faces.  Such a gorgeous little family.  Who can resist these faces and happy smiles??? We certainly can’t.  And are guessing neither can you!


Ten Tips to Look Fabulous for your Next Girl’s Night Out

It’s safe to say that almost every woman has at some point in her life indulged in the classic “Girl’s Night Out”. So named for the infamous powers of female bonding, GNO is the perfect way to relieve stress and catch up with some friends. As you get ready for your next outing, keep these tips in mind:

Girl's Night OutPhoto Credit

1. Dress for the occasion. Always check with your girls before heading out. It’s easy to get completely dolled up, only to realize everyone else is ready to hit the movies.

2. Be comfortable. Comfortable doesn’t mean boring, though. It’s been noted that the most important accessory a girl can rock is confidence. It’s hard to look confident when you don’t feel relaxed, so pick an outfit that fits well and is tailored to your style. Don’t prescribe to any guidelines that tell you what you need to wear to feel sexy.

3. Try something new. Did you recently pin a bohemian side-braid on Pinterest but are scared to try it out? Or maybe you’ve been wondering where to wear your new 4-inch printed heels. Now is the time to do what you’ve been secretly longing to do!

4. Use accessories. Sometimes accessories get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take the time to carefully mix and match your jewelry, scarves, headwear, etc. You probably don’t do this enough with the morning rush, but there’s nothing more fun that finding the perfect statement necklace.

5. Highlight your favorite feature. Love your eyes? Try out a smokey shadow or cat-eye lined look. Have big, full lips? Paint them a daring red. Avoid over-using makeup on your whole face by choosing which feature to accentuate. The effect will be stunning yet far more natural than if you applied your whole makeup bag.

Girl's Night OutPhoto Credit

6. Experiment with color. Don’t worry about clashing with your friends—that’s part of the fun. Instead, try out a colorful eyeshadow, bright shoes, or a clutch that would make Crayola jealous. You’ll stand out from everyone else and can show off a fun piece.

7. Watch your timing. Don’t rush or you’ll feel disheveled for the rest of the evening. Decide ahead of time what fabulous looks you’ll be creating, and appropriately plan for when you’ll start primping. It’s no fun to show up underdressed.

8. Borrow from your friends. There’s something wonderful about the feeling of wearing a new outfit. This same feeling is achievable if you coordinate with your friends to essentially create a “new” look, for free! Ask for a loan on that handbag you’ve always coveted, and in exchange give her your favorite ballet flats. You’ll all have fun slipping in and out of each other’s stuff and can laugh at how different your styles are.

9. Remember that the night is about you. As you pick out your outfit, try to remember who you’re impressing. The answer should be you! When you dress according to your own style and try out something funky without fear of what a guy might think, you automatically look more attractive and enjoy your outfit more!

10. Smile! It might be the simplest thing on this list, but it’s by far the most important. Nobody will see your great outfit or perfectly coiffed hair if you’re frowning. GNO is the time to relish in your amazing girlfriends, so smile, laugh, and have fun!

Girl's Night OutPhoto Credit


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